Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Install new template at your Forum

In this lesson we will learn how to install new template at your forum.

1.First we Upload the template what we want at FTP:
1.1 At the foldes /forum/images/ but some templates had instructions when you get it to upload at /forum/images or /forum directory.
When your templates upload is done we go to admincp and go with this steps

2.Admincp - Styles & Templates - Download/Upload Style -
2.1 Import Style XML File -
2.1.1 at EITHER upload the XML file from your computer we Browse the .XML file from our Pc
2.1.2 Merge Into Style we choose Create new Style
2.1.3 Ignore Style Version we choose No if the .xml file is for our vBulletin version and Yes if our vBulletin version is no compitabile with template version.
2.1.4 Title for Uploaded Style - choose what name we want.
2.1.5 Parent Style - No parent style
2.1.6 Display Order - which number we want
2.1.7 Allow User Selection - what we want Yes or No.

3. Import and it's done

4.If we want to change another funcsion we just go to Styles & Templates Manage Style.

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