Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to put Notice at Forum

In this lesson we will learn how to add Notice at your Forum.

Just go to this steps:

1.Admincp - Notice - Add new Notice.
2.At Title we write the title of Notice (It isn't important )
3.Notice HTML here we write the text what we want to put at the Notice .Text can be and with HTML tag.For Example if you want to put center,link,bold,italic,underline,image or anything else se these

<*img src=*"http://........*">
<*font color*="name of color"*>text<*/font>
<*font size*="number"*>text<*/font*>

Important : Remove all * when you put url,image or anything else.

4.At display order we put 1
5. Active Yes and Persistent Yes
6.Display this notice if... there had much more options I like this
here I put 0 to 100000 but you can choose any other Options for example just for Admin,S.Mod,Mod,registred user or Banned.

At end Click Save And It's Finished.

If you want any other code how to put leave a comment to this post

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